Port Elliot

New Years, 2007/8.

These shots are the product of me having fun with the new-ish camera down at Port Elliot, and then playing around with the colour and contrast adjustment settings that I found on a programme on my Mum’s computer (plain old Microsoft Image Editor). Turns out I have the same programme on both our computers but did not know it was there. In another year or two I’ll get Photoshop. Anyway I’m quite pleased with these and there’s plenty more where they came from. Enjoy.








2 thoughts on “Port Elliot

  1. claire says:

    Dear Stephen,
    It’s now a month since you posted this blog and I’ve just caught up with all the ones after it. Thanks for keeping in touch. Now that Dad’s place at Kapara has been confirmed, ( he leaves hospital tomorrow) I might get to the computer more often to see what is happening in Paradice.
    Love to you all, Claire

  2. My earlier post about not blogging much this year was really more about not doing weekly updates. Photo posts or rambles are still fun.

    Glad your dad is back home today.


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