Back to Honners (but not to the blog).

Yo Sup,

Phone’s off, internet’s down, power was off much of the weekend. It’s hot. That’s Honiara!

Anyway we’re fine, and made it back safely. Kids back to school in two weeks and we’re all settling in for what now feels like the downhill run. Political situation is quiet for the time being, and some of the sense of adventure has gone out of being here. It feels like home, but it also feels like finishing what we started.

I’m losing interest with blogging weekly activities and won’t be doing it this year – you can check up ocassionaly (once  a month-ish ? ? ) for photoposts, which I’m still into doing, particularly for our trip to NZ in March and our trip to the Western Province in June. If anything cool happens at other times I’ll let you know,  or if I feel like letting my inner poet loose, I’ll be sure to do it right here. In the meantime, be assured that the kids look the same as they did last year only taller.  

Have a great year,  

Love S.


2 thoughts on “Back to Honners (but not to the blog).

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    We shall miss the blog. After all, November is still a fair way away. We’ll just have to make more phone calls and hope we get a time when the connection is good. Hot here too but the power is on.

    Love to all. Mary and John, Gran and Gandad

  2. claire says:

    Just back from Stansbury and am also sad. I really looked forward to the messages from the blog – made you seem a bit closer. Emails will fill in the gap too.
    Lots of love and God be with you,
    Claire, Mum Nanna

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