Heading Out

Just a quick note – now that the internet is back on after a big period of absence – to say that we are heading out today at 5pm. We’re all packed and full of last-minute anxiousness. So, that’s good.  

We’ll make some phone calls when we get to Adelaide tommorow.

There’s only a very slim possibility that any unrest here associated with the political situation will delay our return. For the record, the PM has been voted out last week and Parliament resumes tommorow to vote on a new one, but it’s still quite unstable as to who will end up on which side. It could swing back to the government again.

The Maravaghi trip was awesome. We saw sharks and all sorts of incredible coral and fish schools. We also dived in a cave with crayfish.

The kids are excited. Cody wants to use the pastamaker at Hilary’s house. Erin wants to see ‘John’.

Louise is going back to work for a half-day today because she has mild but intractable mental probems. But I doubt she’ll get much done.  There’s very much a ‘finisihing up’ vibe in the air and everyone just stands around gassing about their holiday plans.

I did my writing job for Save the Children and have another project lined up wth them for next year, whereby I go into Rove Prison and record the juvenile offenders’ singing group over a period of a few months and make them a CD. I had a test run yesterday after I finally got my prison security clearance. They’re actually pretty good. So I’m looking forward to that.

Anyway we’ll see Adelaide soon enough. But first, an evening in Glorious Brisbane!!! With its matchless array of scenic grandeur and historic splendour, and at least one cheap motel and restaraunt near the airport.


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