Last minute craziness

It’s all a bit crazy at the moment.

Parliament is either sitting tomorrow or on Xmas Eve. The courts are making their mind up right now. There are soldiers guarding the rebel MPs in Chinatown. It’s quite tense.
I’ve just started work as a technical writer for Save the Children, a job which I’m doing quite well at – not that you’d tell from this garbled post – and I hope will continue next year. Except I can’t do anything today because the new housemary’s daughter has malaria and is in hospital so I’ve got the kids.

Internet connections are going crazy all over town. Ours is down so I’m in town while the kids wreak havoc in another room.  Haven’t been able to post. Missing a lot of e-mails. Will not post again before we get over.

We’re going to Maravaghi on the weekend. Back on Sunday night.

Constant power blackouts. Missing phone calls because the answering machine plays up when the power is off.
Irregular water supply.

Louise is on her last legs but they’ve scheduled her for a trial on Thursday and Friday to get a long-standing matter finished before we leave the country.

It’s hot.

Cody is ill and I’m taking him to the doctor now.

If anything happens politically it could be tommorow or Friday.

We’re bearing up but GEE WHIZ we’re both looking forward to Australia,

See you Adelaide folks next week,



3 thoughts on “Last minute craziness

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    You probably won’t see this but we just saw a news TV headline that Sogoavare has been voted out. Hope you are OK.

    Love Mary and John

  2. claire says:

    Also read that Sogovare is remainig as prime minister until Wed next week. Willcheck out the phone lines tonight. Hope that Cody is getting better and that Louise’s trial went OK and that you are all all right
    Love from Claire

  3. yes.
    he was voted out on thursday afternoon so we saw all that.

    nothing has changed over the weekend. we were at maravaghi, diving.

    we’ll be out of here by wednesday.

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