Candles by Candlelight (and other stuff)

Sunday Night: I did end up taking the promised video of Codes’s perfomance in the carols (which in case you hadn’t guessed, he has been referring to as ‘Candles by Candlelight’) but unfortunately they show him looking rather stressed and anxious so I have decided not to put one up. He was running a slight fever, got put on first in his year, and had a singing-mate who didn’t make a sound, so I think it was all a bit much. Next year we’ll be supervising any such activities during the rehearsal phase to make sure the organisers are not just chancing their arm, as I think was the case here. Anyway he did his best despite all that and we are proud of him.

Saturday Night: Also on the slightly stressful side (for me, at least) was Louise’s work do. She got to play the part of MC, and also of the ‘good’ (naive and optimistic) elf who always saw the best in her departing wokmates, while her friend Mary played the part of ‘bad’ (bitter and judgemental) elf who pointed out their faults. Really, on looks alone I think Erin might have done a better job at either role. Cody and Erin got to sit on Santa’s knee (Cody enjoyed this a lot more than Erin), and then they both got to sit round patiently waiting for it to be over, as did I. The speeches were riveting,  just like all speeches made by people you don’t know about other people you don’t know. Chelsea beat West Ham United 1-0 in the football with a fine goal by Joe Cole in the first half.

Little did we know that a riot was going on in China Town, right by the hotel. Seriously, that’s true. Apparently some Malaitan boys were annoyed that their football team lost to West Honiara by a controversial goal in the first half, and so they went on a bit of a drunken rampage, trashing cars and offices until the army (i.e. RAMSI troops) got called in. So riveting were the speeches at the hotel that we knew nothing about any of this, and we innocently drove through Chinatown about half an hour after it had finished, only to recieve a barrage of phone calls upon returning home, telling us to stay put.

We did go back out eventually, after the all-clear call came through telling us that everything was under control, and we headed out to the ‘go finis’ dance party of yet more departing friends. It’s ‘go finis’ time for many RAMSI staff, and there’s going to be a massive turover of personnel at Xmas. We’ll be semi-old hands next year. Anyway we all danced to Planet Earth by Duran Duran and drank mango daquiris. This was the high point of the weekend. There was about half an hour there where I would have wrestled anyone who said Duran Duran were a bad band. 

Here’s hoping your silly season is genuinely silly at some point,







2 thoughts on “Candles by Candlelight (and other stuff)

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Erin is indeed a charming elf. We always think Louise is beautiful, whatever the circumstances, but this elf look is not her best. It’s good that Codes enjoyed sitting on Santas’s knee.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon


    Mary and John

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