In lieu of a birthday post

Spent saturday night screeching in drunken glee at Nick Minchin’s apparent anguish (I despise him, you see), but then local television cut in on top of the Australia Network signal so all of a sudden I found myself watching Island Pop and then local soccer. So I missed the election victory rampage, but honestly with the senate figures the way they are I think this could be a fairly lame victory when a the fuss has died down. Then again, I thought labour were going to lose altogether, so what would I know, eh?  

We did take a lot of photos of Erin’s pool party on Sunday, but these somehow got lost in the transfer from the camera to the computer. We’re waiting on some shots from the family Goto of Tokyo, whose daughter Nako has been Cody’s best friend at Woodford this year. In the meantime, I’ll just say that Erin’s party was small, she had fun, and enjoyed all the various gifts and well-wishes that were bestowed upon her.  Thankyou.

Despite what I said a while ago, Solomon Parliament has not begun to sit yet. Another MP switched back to the Government today so the numbers are now 25 / 23 in favour of the Opposition, and thus will be tied if they find one more to swap back. The Governor-General has called Parliament to sit on the 13th of December, which may not give the Government enough time to find another member willing to ‘de-defect’.  The Opposition want it to be on the 3rd, to hasten the vote of no-confidence while they still have the numbers, and the Government want it held off until Dec 31st.  In fact I suspect the Government wouldn’t mind if Parliament did not sit ever again, and really that might not be such a bad thing. In other news, Moti is sueing the Governor-General for calling Parliament on the 13th, and he is also sueing the entire country for being too hot during build-up season. Well, he probably would if he could.   

It has been hot here, but not nearly as bad as last year, and there’s more than simple acclimatisation at stake – there’ s far more rain, and more wind to stir things about than when we arrived last year.  I suspect we’ll be grizzling about the dry heat come December 19.

Its Erin’s last week of school, and then Cody’s last week next week, which is also the first week for our new housegirl, Afu – Ennedd is off to New Zealand to pick apples for 5 months. So there’ll be some changes to routine before we head back. Louise is busy finishing off a big trial and then has a two day-seminar to finish off the week. December promises to be fairly cruisey for her.  

Will post more on the weekend after Codes’ Carol singing and when the party photos turn up.

EDIT: OK here are the photos from Erin’s party.

Lou and Nako

Throwing the esky ice into the pool and calling it ‘Antarctica’

Pass the parcel

The cake, the candles, the cheering

Cody and Nako (who unfortunately is leaving in January…)

Bye now,


One thought on “In lieu of a birthday post

  1. claire says:

    thanks for the photos. On of the best things this year was visiting you in SI, and as I look at the pictures I can imagine the surrounds as well.
    Love, Claire

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