I voted GREEN!

For Antony Green, that is! I’d have him as my local member any day!

Think about how terrific it woud be to have a local member who only worked ONE DAY EVERY THREE YEARS?

He’s gearing up for his triennial day of work right now! How exciting!

I guess he must spend all the other days ‘researching’, i.e. recovering from being humilaited for 8 hours straight on National Television by Kerry O’Brien.

Poor old Red ‘Megalomaniac’ Kez. What are his options? Either he reins in Mr Green with increasingly ascerbic comments and the show runs smoothly, or else he lets the number-obsessed little nerd get sidetracked about everything. So obviously he takes the former opton. Not that it looks like Kez is in much of a moral quandry about it, mind you.  

Think about it. EIGHT HOURS. The most old ‘weepy’ Howard has ever had to contend with Kerry for is about 15 minues at a time. Our man Greenie has STAMINA.

But it takes its toll, even on him. Watch him on Saturday night. See how time has aged him from election to election? His trademark non-descript brown hair has gone all grey from the strain. 


Seriously, me and Lou did vote today, by post, at the High Commission. We’ll be chugging back the scotch on saturday night and yelling at the TV, regardless of the outcome. Don’t ring us then. If you want to chat, ring on Sunday around midday, just before Erin’s party, which is at 2.

Love S.  


2 thoughts on “I voted GREEN!

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Poor Anthony Green – and poor Red Kezza – trying to keep the interest of their viewers with all the noise from Channel 7’s show in the background. I felt quite exhausted for them.

    I had to wait till Howard had admitted defeat before I could relex a bit – they (Anthony etc) seemed to be claiming seats for Labor – and then changing their status back to In Doubt. Even after Howard conceded, it still didn’t seem true. It seems true this morning and we are very relieved – but no sense of jubilation.

    Happy Birthday Party to Erin


    Gran and Grandad/ Mary and John

  2. indeed.

    nice to speak to you just now.

    kez was actually quite nice to old greenie this time around but to no avail.

    good show but senate resuts are a bit of a worry.


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