A Year On

Our first year came and went on Friday – the day after Louise returned from Brisbane. (She’s better now).

It was a nice day. Louise went to court on her tax case, which is nearly over. I hung out with Erin most of the day, as I am doing all of this week also. (I am still reluctant to send her to kindy, what with the slight possibility of unrest. There are police and soldiers showing a presence on the highway and doing vehicle checks, and everything is calm, but I am still not going to get her stuck out the other side of town. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next few weeks. Parliament begins today).

Then in the evening we went to the RAMSI Xmas function and the kids saw the Tongan fire dancer and the Tongan singing group and were very impressed. We had a nice weekend to follow.

Coming up in the next few weeks, we’ve got:

  • “Candles by Candlelight”: A carol thing at Cody’s schol, in which he has several solo lines. I will video this.
  • Erin’s Birthday pool party (next Sunday).
  • The office Xmas party – speeches, snags ‘n’ Solbrew.
  • Diving at Maravaghi, if we can fit it in (it’s been postponed twice and we might have missed it for the year).

Anyway, a while ago when I thought we were coming home, I was preparing to post a list of all the things I would miss about the Solomons. It would have gone something like this:  

  • The little bird that immitates the sound of the microwave
  • The wrecks at Bonege
  • Lizards everywhere
  • Kakobono Fried Chicken (KFC)
  • Frogs hopping about in the rain
  • Intense rainstorms
  • Walking through Koloale to Chinatown with the kids
  • Franjipani Ice
  • Watching the cargo ships in the harbour
  • All the weird letters to the Solomon Star
  • Getting to know new kinds of plants with the kids (‘bwip’ grass, sensitive plant, etc) 
  • Amazing two-minute sunsets
  • The kids playing with ‘kastom’ toys made from leaves
  • Eveyone saying ‘morneeng’ to each other on the street, even at 3pm.
  • Saying ‘hem alright’ and ‘stacka’ and ‘tumas’.
  • Enny, Takin and other local girls who play with the kids
  • The fact that everywhere I go, someone knows Cody
  • Amazing diving and snorkelling
  • Andrew Iro, one of our security guards
  • The islands on the horizon

Then there was going to be the things I won’t miss at all list:

  • Sweat
  • Bites
  • Rashes
  • Squashed, dessicated frog carcasses all over the roads
  • Worrying about Malaria
  • Lack of places to go
  • Hopeless staff in shops and offices
  • Inadequate services
  • Crummy shops
  • Worrying about unrest

 We’ll be back before you know it…



2 thoughts on “A Year On

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Very good to hear Lou is better and back and that you are staying close to home. We will try to ring on Sunday for Erin’s birthday. We are spending the election night at home alone – and are very anxious. Despite the polls the Libs look to gain two Labor seats in WA and that means Labor has to get 18 seats to get government.

    We love Anthony Green – and his enthusiasm – although we did think of watching another channel – but Nine has the woman from Current Affair onwithLaurie4 etc (the evil Tracey) and Seven has Mel and Kochie from their morning program (advertised as not being predictably boring like the others). I am not watching for fun but inthe possible hope thatwe mightwin

    Love to everyone, especially you, Lou, Codes and Erin (the almost three year old).

  2. claire says:

    I’m thoroughly sick of all the election talk and don’t think I could bear watching the counting on Sat night. Sorry I didn’t read this before ringing last night. It answered a lot of our questions. We will also try to ring on Sunday.

    Love to you all,

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