An early Christmas Present for Anna Kleinig

Hi folks,

There are a variety of ethnic minority groups here in Honiara, each with their own representative businesses. Some are pretty stereotypical: Chinese entrepreneurs, French restaraunteurs, Fijian bodyguards, Tongan moneylenders. Others are a bit more unexpected: there’s a small Thai community here too, based around a restauraunt called Nicky’s, which is also a toy store (called ‘Toy Land’ – ho ho ho). There’s a Sri Lankan group (possibly because of that country’s Portuguese heritage) that run a store called Sol Lanka and have just opened up a new restaurant (called the Taj Mahal, no less) and a Portuguese / Filipino community that run a snack bar called Fiesta, as well as a cafe-bakehouse called Nings.

It is in the last-mentioned establishment that I came across these glossy posters of the modern Christ. They really dominate the interior of the bakeouse. They are by renowned Filipino painter-priest-activist Fr. Armand A. Tangi of the Phillipines Society of St Paul, and have a quality that goes way beyond kitsch and really needs a whole new word developed for it. Many people I know would find thse amusing but I thought Anna K. might get a particular kick out of them so Anna, these are for you. I’ve had my eye on them for a whole, and have previously tried to find clear images on the net, but to no avail, so I visited the bakehouse yesterday and asked the proud owner’s permission to take these shots. Enjoy.








2 thoughts on “An early Christmas Present for Anna Kleinig

  1. Anna K says:

    Man, these are awesome! (imagine this said with late-adolescent male enthusiasm). Now I can really relate to Jesus, you know?

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