We had a very silly Halloween, really.

The kids are interested in the concept of spookiness, and we regularly tell stories about the Green Man and the Purple Man (an invention of Erin’s), witches and ghosts, which of course are not really scary because they are friendly, and besides, don’t exist. So of course when it came to light that there was a whole NIGHT devoted to such things they both wanted to be involved. And that, of course, is the real reason for the survival of Halloween into the present day. It’s got nothing to do with the historical and spiritul significance of an ancient pagan ceremony that was usurped by Christian syncretists, to which the true meaning is now at last returning!!! Its all about the fact that children like dressing up, staying up late, going outside in the evening, screaming at people and badgering them for lollies. You could have it on April 17 and tell them the Chinese invented it in the 70s and they wouldn’t mind at all.  

Despite the English colonial inheritance, no-one really knows what Halloween is over here, and they all looked at Cody blankly when he ‘trick or treated’ them, so the only lolly he got was a purchased one. Nonetheless he had fun and when we went to have a drink at the French restaraunt in the Honiara Hotel nearby to us, he scared quite a few expat people witless with his yellow butterfly mask. Erin, who was Alladin for the evening, stayed behind and was read a spooky story. I know this is not your normal Halloween costume fare but nor is it customary for the pumpkin to be a butternut. You just have to make do. 








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