Good News Week

We’ve had quite a bit of good news lately.

First of all, our landlord has had a change of heart and it looks as though we are staying put. So, “5th on Left, Watertank Road, West Kola” remains our address for the coming year, with a modest (rather than horrific) rent increase. They’ve also done some repairs around the place, and Louise is very excited at the prospect of the house being re-painted while we are away over Xmas. (It is difficult to imagine a more appauling colour than the one in which the inside of the house is currently painted).  

In addition, they (the council) have fixed our road with ‘the’ grader. What was formerly a bone-rattling three minute slog up to the main road is now as smooth as a baby’s etc. We give it about three months before heavy summer rains turn it back into a river and the large canyons begin to re-appear in the middle of it. Then, about another year before they get out ‘the’ grader again.

Also, Louise’s work have agreed (in principal) to a roll-over of some of her leave from this contract into her new contract, and also to granting us reptriation flights at Xmas time, so we can afford to come back for quite a while. The current plan is to come over on the 18th of Dec, and leave again on Jan the 8th. There’s a 4-day break in Port Elliot planned (Dec 29- Jan 1), but apart from that, we are Adelaide-based the whole time. I don’t suppose any of you Adelaideans know of anyone who might require a house-sitter during some or all of that period? We could chuck a bit of rent your way…  

The kids are back at school today, and we’re heading over to Savo this weekend to see the dolphins and megapode birds and generally, just to get away from Honiara. Things are chugging along fine.

Hope you are all well,  



4 thoughts on “Good News Week

  1. Tim says:

    Hi all!

    Congratulations on your good news. Smooth roads are a bit like good health – only really noted and appreciated when they deteriorate. Our road is nowhere near the goat track yours used to be, but it’s getting worse and worse, and the jiggles it transmits through my road bike seat in the morning on the way to work are bracing, to say the least. A cup of coffe and a ride to work are enough to even make this evening person wide-eyed.

    We are, of course, sad that you won’t be here next year, but we’re looking forward very much to seeing you over Christmas – we should have lots of holidays so we’re available if you can fit us in to your busy schedule. Allegra is getting exponentially feistier, so hopefully we’ve managed to bridle her by the time you’re here. She only wears pants, refusing to wear dresses, or even shorts, so if it’s a hot summer she may be rather flushed.

    Oliver, Pakan and I are all well. Pakan nearly has some good news – i.e a good consultant position for next year – but it is not yet official.

  2. thanks tim,

    yes we’ll hang with you guys at xmas, natch!

    hope things go well for pakan’s consultancy. go pakan!

    louise is going off to host the ‘solomon islands bar association’ court of appeal dinner. she’s the secretary of the ‘siba’ now. she looks pretty hot in her pink evening gown. and when i say ‘hot’ i mean ‘hot’ and ‘hawt’ in equal measure.

    i am watching the rugbie. is that how you spell that?

  3. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Dear McKleinzies

    Good to hear your news. You are welcome to stay with us for the second part of the Christmas visit. Kirsty and Julian and Olivia arrive round about 20 December – and I think they are going back on 26 December – and staying with us for that time. And Cody and Erin are staying with us anyway for the time you are in Port Elliott. So make this your base from 26 December until you go. I’ll just have to check with Kirsty about the day she is leaving. Love to all

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