Check out the New Sidebar

Hi folks,

The Sweetness Machine Revival is nearly complete. All that remains is to inform you about our new sidebar!

Over on the right-hand sidebar is a link to THE MESSAGEBOARD, which is a sweet new place to leave messages like ‘our cat was sick but she got better’ and other stuff that really has nothing to do with the post in question. Drop us a line.

Keep an eye on the same section, as that is where the photo-pages are organised. Old ones will be retired to the OLD PHOTOS section. Erin’s balloon art work is the latest featured page on the main list.  I’ll post a video soon, using the VIDEO LINK PAGE, maybe for Mum’s birthday.

The Sweetness Machine now has music. In particular, CODY’s MYSPACE SITE now has music on it – 3 songs with him singing and another by our housegirl, Enid. If you can’t stream the songs, wait til the Myspace player appears in the top right hand corner, hit STOP as soon as you can, and then use the ‘download’ links to save the mp3 tracks onto your computer.

There’s also 4 tracks of mine over at THE WEATHER IS FAR AWAY, which you should check out if you like new-wave / indie pop music (so, probably not very many of you). Coming soon are some smooth jazz tracks by myself, Lee Pfitzner and a colleage of Louise’s called Jack who plays a mean trumpet.

Finally, there’s a few writing links as well – some stuff I wrote years ago on Blogger, as well as a link to an edited collection I worked on last year that’s just come out at MUP.

Got a blog or a website? Let me know and I’ll add you in to one of the other links sections.  

Enjoy, and leave us a message if you stop by.



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