Just Water: Promotion

OK – no sooner had I decided to go on hiatus here than a press release for one of the two edited collections that I worked on last year arrives in my inbox. The other one (a volume on Vocational Education) won’t be published until next year but my friend and fellow editor Emily Potter has been pushing hard all year on this book, and Melbourne University Press put it out recently. It was launched in Adelaide and Melbourne in the last fortnight. Here’s the press release:

“Is water a resource or is it the source? Is it something to be consumed or does it have a life of its own? This timely collection of essays addresses the critical and contentious issue of water in Australia today. Recent histories of environmental misunderstanding and exploitation shadow our current regime of water management and use. Drought is widespread. While governments grapple with how to respond, the situation worsens. There is something amiss in current approaches to water. Fresh Water: New Perspectives on Water in Australia suggests a need to radically rethink our relationship with this fundamental substance. Contributors from a range of fields, from anthropology to visual arts, discuss the various ways in which we are caught up with water, and challenge us to take on the cultural transformations that underpin a sustainable ecological future.”

Fresh Water: New Perspectives on Water in Australia, edited by Emily Potter, Alison Mackinnon, Stephen McKenzie and Jennifer McKay, 221pp, e-book ($39.95) and d-book (49.95). MUP.

Check it out online !



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