Update / Blog Hiatus

OK. I am going into blog hiatus again until late September.

This is partly because the camera is broken and it will be a few weeks until we buy a new one (which we’ll do in Sydney, before the wedding). It is also because  life has settled down to the point where there is no real call for reporting new things or activities, because there just aren’t any. A roundup of recent life would read: “Weather hot. Kids at School. Louise at work. Went to party. Went diving.” You get the picture. I recently noticed my blog reader stats drooping horridly for August, no doubt a response to the lack of any real news,  or cute kid photos to keep the elderly punters happy either.

All that stuff about the motion of no confidence fizzled out. For a while there it was discussed so regularly that we were referring to it informally as a “Mozza of no conners” (not true). But nothing came of any of it. The next big political deal is the government’s intention to review RAMSI and change the RAMSI facilitation act in November, but that’s a ways off, and the consequences of it are unclear.   

Other big bits of news on the horizon concern Louises’s contract renewal next year and our decision to stay or return – that’s not settled yet – and, should we decide to stay, the question of where we will live (our greed-head landlord is adding 50% on to our rent as of January 1, so we won’t be staying in our present house).

There will be lots to blog about later in the month, what with the trip to Australia and my sister’s wedding and so on, so you should check back around September 30th for the beginning of the Sweetness Machine Revival in October.   




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