Red Moon

We had a full lunar eclipse here last night. Everyone in Australia did too, right? Or was it just in the east?

It was at about 8.40 here. Luckilly for us the guys from upstairs had a ‘moon-watching BBQ party’ on the pool deck, so we went out to see what the fuss was about. Otherwise, we probably would have sat round in the living room watching Scrubs and missed the whole thing.

Anyway it was great here, the best either of us can recall seeing, perhaps because there is so much less ambient light over here. It was stormy on the horizon but clear above, so we had the Milky Way, the blood red moon and lightning on the horizon all around us. Really special. We got the kids up to have a look and they just babbled away merilly to all the guests and ignored the whole thing.

Pidgin for ‘eclipse’ is “Moon hem by go die” (the moon will go to die). We attempted to delve into the mythological meaning of the red moon in Malaitan culture with the guards but our pidgin failed us.

Anyway, pictures from our camera are either totally dark, or show a tiny white light bleeding downwards, so I’ve nicked this from the web just to give you an idea in case you might not have properly seen one. I don’t think I had ever properly seen one until last night.

REd Moon


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