“C is for Erin”

Recent Highlights from Conversation with Erin and Cody

  • Cody: Can we go to the Lime Lounge?

  • Me: Uh…actually Codes I want to go to the King Sol so I can have a beer

  • Cody: You can’t always have everything you want.  If you have everything you want you’ll get spoiled. I don’t want you getting spoiled. 


  • Me: Erry, would you like a bar?

  • Erin: No Daddy, I do want a bar!


  • Louise: How are you going back there, Erry?

  • Erin: No I’m not.


  • Cody (sings, after taking bite of bagel): “C is for Cody!”

  • Erin: (imitates): “C is for Erin!!!”



2 thoughts on ““C is for Erin”

  1. Ah yes.

    A couple of years back Cesca would join with Oscar’s spelling songs.

    His song would go (sung to the tune – more or less -‘Skip to my Lou’):

    Dogs on the driveway D D D
    Dogs on the Driveway D D D
    Dogs on the driveway D D D
    We know the sond for Dee, D

    and she would sing something like:

    Cats in the cradle P P P
    Cats in the cradle P P P
    Cats in the cradle P P P
    We know the sound for Gee, T

    As you can see, she inherits her genius from both sides of the family.

  2. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    C is for Cody who is cuddlesome, cute, clever, courageous, commanding and communicative

    E is for Erin who is energetic, exotic, excellent, effervescent, engaging and enthusiastic

    We had a red moon here too and everyone said it was great – but I must have looked too early and it just looked like a slightly dirty shadow over part of the moon – nothing red about it, at all.

    Lots of love to all of you

    Mary/Gran and John/Grandad

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