Big Bouncy Earthquake

Big big earthquake just hit about ten minutes ago.

Bang! Shudder shake shudder, for about a minute. Whole building shaking. Waves in the swimming pool. Dogs howling. Scary.  

Me and Louise were in the lounge room listening to the Stranglers.

I can hear Erin calling out – she’s been out on the balcony, with Lou and the neighbours, talking about it all.

She said: “that was a big earthquake! A big, bouncy earthquake!”

Then the cockatoo in the next compound went beserk with the aftershocks.

All over now. Hopefully.  

No waves coming.


2 thoughts on “Big Bouncy Earthquake

  1. Mary Mckenzie and John McKenzie says:

    Big bouncy earthquakes sound a bit scary to me. Nothing on our news but I’ve emailed you an article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Lots of love to all of you

    M/G and J/G

  2. it was scary!

    the scariest thing was the realisation that we had both just sat there with our mouths open instead of going to save the kids.

    it just kind of froze us.

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