Oh, you mean THAT vote of no confidence…

The Australia Network is showing some Gritty Australian Drama® featuring bland NIDA graduates trying to be all angsty and interesting, and the BBC World News station is trying to see how many half hour news bulletins they can fit into a half hour, while still having time to advertise the next one. “Coming up next on BBC World News Channel, it’s BBC World News. But now, back to BBC World News.”

But none of it’s about the Solomons. I’d really like to know, actually, if you don’t mind, what is happening today? Has the vote gone ahead? Or have the legal challenges worked out, and it’s all been put off again?  

There’s nothing on the internet, either. Searching for ‘Solomon Vote of No Confidence’ merely reveals how often this has occurred in the country’s past. You have to add in ‘August 2007’ to the search terms in order to filter out all the previous votes (it seems to happen every time Parliament sits). But there’s no current news.

I’m feeling quite nervous and jittery. Perhas I should drink more coffee. 


EDIT: I just asked the security guards who tell me that the vote has been postponed til Monday at 9.30. They also said the challenges to its legality have failed, so the reason for the postponement is unclear to me. This is all third hand information, probably given them by their supervisor.

EDIT: Saturday August 11. It now appears the vote was withdrawn until the legal challenges have been heard. It might be put forward again by the time Parliament finishes (next Friday) but I suspect it probably won’t. Mum sent me this article.  So that’s how I know.

We drank rather a lot last night and so consequently I am feling very seedy. We’re going diving tomorow, and possibly heading over to Tulagi in central province for more diving next weekend. 




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