My own personal vote of no confidence

A “vote of no confidence” in the PM is scheduled for tommorow, despite various challenges by the Attourney-General to its legal status. Extra troops and police are in Honiara and there is a possibility that there might be trouble if the vote goes ahead. We’re not going anywhere tommorow, and might sit tight this weekend until we figure out how things are going to go. As the situation develops, bear in mind that you are probably better informed than we are, as the TV news here is often a day behind, and if we don’t get newspapers we don’t neccessarily know what’s occurring. Mum knew that the Opposition Leader had been arrested before I did, for example. Feel free to call us if anything is reported.

I’m not commenting on the situation here, but would like to draw your attention to my own personal vote of no confidence in our own Prime Minister, the Right Old John Howard, and in our political system generally.  

I move that Mr Howard is not a fit and proper person to govern our country and should be immediately removed from office. I move this on the following grounds:

1 – That he is, and can be proven to be, a member of the Australian Liberal Party. In fact as things currently stand he is leader of the Australian Liberal Party. He has been so since 1995 and hasn’t once attempted to rectify the situation.  

2 – That he has previously been leader of the Australian Liberal Party, between 1985 and 1989, during which time he ran for Prime Minister.

3 – That he is, and has been, Prime Minister of Australia, for three successive terms. If this wasn’t bad enough, he has done so while also being a member of the Liberal Party and is currently seeking re-election for a fourth term, without renouncing his alleigance to that party. 

4 – That he has been Federal Member for Bennelong since 1974, and in all that time it hasn’t ever occurred to him that he shouldn’t be.

5 – That he has been Federal Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, and then having been so, accepted a post as Minister for Special Trade Negotiations rather than refusing it, as a normal person would have done.  

6 – He has previously been the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

I think those things tell you all you need to know about the man. Clearly he is unfit for public office. 



2 thoughts on “My own personal vote of no confidence

  1. John McKenzie says:

    Revered Sir: I am indeed distressed by your motion of no confidence in our own dear Prime Minister. It comes at a time when I have myself nominated him for the award of Commander of the Order of Mars for his services to War and for the Squirming Worm Medal for his efforts in the field of duplicity. While I was asst it, I topok the opportunity to recommend Alexander the Less-than-Great for the Nylon Award for his contribution to the net stocking industry and Tony Abbott for the Kali Prize for his promotion of thuggery in politics. I do hope your motion is not passed, at least until after my various nominations have beren crowned with success.

    Respectfully yours,


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