A conundrum

We all know that you should starve and / or feed a cold and / or fever  – and not the other way round. But what happens if you have both? Eat heartlily, but tell one of them it’s not allowed to have any? 

My solution is to eat pate. Seems as good as any. (There are no diacritic marks in this programme, sorry).

I wish this was all just hypothetical but alas, half of Honiara has caught a dreadful chesty, coughy coldy fever-flu. Louise went down over the weekend while I held the fort. Then I have copped it rough since Tuesday. Lucky that we did not coincide. The kids have had it on and off all week too – and have been very sweet and patient about it, actually. We are now all on the mend but it has not been a good week.

The ‘whinges’ category seems to be growing apace and that wasn’t really the point of this blog initially, but there really does seem to be no end to these damn illnesses, and nothing we can even do to avoid the ones like this, apart from not schooling our children. If we have another two major illness episodes in the next four months it could spell the end of our stay, I suspect. If we stay on, we’re just going to have to get used to copping thse things every now and then.  I think I need people to remind me that they get sick in Australia, too.

Phlegmily yours,



2 thoughts on “A conundrum

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    Dear Stephen, Lou, Cody and Erin

    How awful for you all and lots of love to everyone. But much as we would love you to come home, I should admit that people do, indeed, get sick in Adelaide. I had to go to the doctor this morning – just to get the results of regular blood tests, which were all fine. Anyway, the place was jammed full of coughing, wheeezing, hacking, sniffling people of all ages – all taking extra layers of clothing off – and then putting it on again – as if they had fevers but cooling down made them shiver.

    John asks for a list of the TV shows you need – we will probably be a bit late to get them there for Lou’s birthday, but that’s what they are intended for. I think you have told him before but we can’t remember.

    Not much news here. Really looking forward to seeing you all in September

    Love Mary/Gran and John/Grandad

  2. claire says:

    Sorry to hear that you’ve all been affected and hope that you all recover quickly. It seems that the weather doesn’t have to be cold for you to get one.Tim and the children have had bad colds for the last couple of weeks and we are hoping that we don’t catch it – sort of relying on our age to have built up some immunity.
    Love and God bless,

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