Sunsets are good over here. Not only do you get the whole ‘sun sinking into the sea with islands’ look, you also get this amazing green colour which I haven’t seen anywhere else and assume is connected with latitude. It isn’t actually in any of these photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

CLICK on these to get attacked by ninjas.

makira-sunsetrise1.jpg makirasunsetrise2.jpg honiara-sunset.jpg honiara-sunrise-2.jpg

Our camera isn’t sufficiently powerful to encapsulate the intricacies of these sunsets –  or Proust’s masterwork for that matter – but Hiz’s new camera is up to the job and these four are from her. The first two are from the beach near Waimapuru School at Makira, and could possibly be of a sunrise (?). The second two are in Honiara.

Oh, by the way, I uploaded more stuff on to the Hilary and Nana photopage  just now, from their Makira trip. So check that out. I’ll be putting some more stuff up from Claire’s camera soon.

Kids went back to school today. I miss them already!

Actually no, I don’t.  

Love Steve.


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