The camera has gone all wonky

For instance, here’s me on our sailing cruise around Moso island in Vanuatu on Monday.


See what I mean? I look like an ogre. I am normally much better looking than this. Here’s a picture of the Solomon Islands beating Vanuatu in the Beach Volleyball. They look in disarray but went on to win the game!


And here’s a picture of Lou and Codes staring at the fish in the glass bottom boat. THey look mildy interested but in fact it was a boring tour!


OK, you get the point. The procesor has had a visit from Mr Broken. It still works sometimes, and also vids seem to work fine, but there will be a few less photos and a few more vids until we buy a new camera in December.

Oh, by the way, we got back home fine. We were both secretly hoping the flight would be cancelled so we could stay another week, but no such bad luck befell us this time.

Love Steve.


4 thoughts on “The camera has gone all wonky

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    Stephen, You don’t really look like an ape – just a good-looking man with a strange bue halo. Incipient sainthood perhaps?

    Thanks John and Claire for a delicious meal on Sunday.

    Love to all

    Mary.Gran. John/Grandad is out

  2. claire says:

    Dear Louise, Stephen Cody and Erin,
    The good news is that you got back safely and wanted more – much better than dying to leave.
    I have spent the last few days booking our excursions in England and Europe – it’s very exciting. And quite amazing to me that Dad said “Let’s go to Europe” and “Let’s go on buses” . Much less hassle and heaps cheaper in Europe than in England. And so after the symposium in Cambridge, about a week, we will have 18 days in Europe and a 4 day tour in UK to finish.
    Love to you all and God bless,


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