Vanuatu is awesome

In haste:  

Port Vila is a lovely town. We’re both quite taken with it and plan to return for a longer stay. It is ramshackle and well lived in, but also friendly, fun and very liveable. The climate here is cool and gentle at this time of year which is making a nice change. The French colonial heritage means it has a French feel to it culturally but without any actual French people,  so a big plus there obviously.

So far we’ve been shopping, diving (we saw absolutely massive Red Schnapper and Wrasse, right up near us) and out in a glass bottom boat tour with the kids. We also went to see Solomon Islands play Vanuatu in Beach Volleyball just now, which was sweet. We’re about to go out to dinner (the food is great here compared to Honiara). Tomorrow we do nothing. Monday we go sailing.

Our Solomon Pidgin goes down well (we are understood but also giggled at and I suspect it marks us out as yokels).  I am actually finding I am more coinfident with Pidgin here thnan in Honiara. Not sure why.

We got talking to a guy at the market who asked us if the place we were staying in was expensive. We said yes. He asked us why we were staying in an expensive place.  Neither of us had any idea. Rents are quite cheap here, it turns out. We’ll know for next time.

Anyway I’ll post a bit more when I get back to Honiara.



One thought on “Vanuatu is awesome

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    Good to hear you are having fun and enjoying Port Vila. looking forward to hearing more. Love to Louise, Cody and Erin

    Mary and John, Gran and Grandad

    PS We enjoyed the photos of you diving

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