Expect the unexpected when travelling with Solomon Airlines!

And when I say unexpected of course I really mean totally hopeless and pathetic.

We’re in Nadi, Fiji, in a hotel room. We leave for our real destination, Vanuatu, on Thursday morning. Our flight was re-routed weeks ago but no-one at Solair actually thought to check, so all we got was a bungled phone call from the travel agent at about six pm on Monday night informing us that, um, yeah, the flight we booked you on does not exist anymore.  

We spent the rest of the evening worrying and writing e-mails threatening to sue the airline. This morning saw me pleading with the travel agent and arguing with the Sol Air boss, who I managed to thoroughly aggravate, which was very satisfying although might not have achieved very much.

Anyway, someone capitulated – we’re not sure who, as everyone is still busily blaming everyone else in a way that has little to do with money and everything to do with saving face, but someone agreed to cover the cost of re-routing all the affected passangers to Fiji and then back to Vanuatu on Thursday, so here we are. It means a day less in the resort and a bit more farting arond but basically we are OK. We are going to lounge about in Nadi tommorow, drink coffee and go shopping.

Cheerio then.



3 thoughts on “FIJI

  1. claire says:

    DEAR stephen and Louise,

    I was telling everybody that you might have to rewrite your opinion of Solair after Hilary’s and my experience. We actually left Honiara at 3pm after boarding at 2.30, had an absolutely trouble free flight with good food and wine, arriving in Bris. soon after 5pm. So when you said that our trip had been ” blessed”, perhaps the revision has to be of our trip — extremely blessed.

    Lots of love

  2. Mary Mckenzie says:

    Dear All

    I was imaging you lounging at the resort and enjoying yourselves. I guess that is happening by now. talked to Claire today about what a good time she and hilary had – and we are going to lunch on Sunday to hear more about it. love

    Mary Gran

  3. Steve in Vanuatu says:

    Thanks guys,

    We’re here now.

    The airline will for the bill for accomodation in Fiji.

    So all in all, things didn’t turn out too bad.

    WE met up with the Solomon National Beach Volleyball Team at the airport, and will be their cheer squad on the weekend when they play Vanuatau.

    I am off to the supermarket in Port Vila. Vanuatu seems really lovely so far.


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