Snorkeler’s Neck

I just typed “Snorkeler’s Neck” into Google and got no relevant hits – so I guess I will have to coin the term. The condition of having an immensely stiff and sore neck from craning it while snorkeling shall henceforth be known as….  

This happened to me on the first day we were over at Marvaghi. I undertook a marathon snorkeling session, peering up in front of me the whole way, rather than looking straight down as you are supposed to do. Well, how are you supposed to see the things running away from you up ahead, if you can only look straight down? I ask you.

Anyway, about ten minutes after I got out, my neck started to seize up. It’s normally a bit stiff anyway, from computer use, but this activity sent it right off the deep end. I could barely move by the end of the day and was in genuine fear that I had serioulsy hurt myself and that my neck was going to stay that way forever. It was even worse the following morning.

There were only two other people staying at the resort. What are the odds that one of them should be an extremely friendly and well-mannered physiotherapist with a fifteen year speciality in sore necks? Her name was Sue. (The other person was her daughter). She gave me two physiotherapy treatments (we paid her in duty free Gin) and taught me posture excercises and neck stretches which I have been doing for the last three days. Photos show me looking regal, yet jowly (I have to tuck my chin in a lot).  It’s a classic case of comfort over fashion. (I’ll put one up when Hils and Claire get back from Makira and I download their photos).

Result – my neck is now mosty fine, still a bit sore in the mornings, but basically better than it was before all this happened. Louise gave me a massage last night and said my traps were like blancmange as opposed to their usual rock-like state. So, thanks Sue. A lot. And remember kids – LOOK DOWN WHILE SNORKELING. Or you too could get struck down by Snorkeler’s Neck.

Now I’m thinking the term is unlikely to catch on.  ‘Snorkeler’s Neck’ sounds too much like a wild west town. “In the early days of the West, the peaceful citizens of Snorkler’s Neck were terrorised by one of the meanest desperados of the century….” etc.



3 thoughts on “Snorkeler’s Neck

  1. tim says:

    Hi all,

    As impressed as I am with the term ‘snorkler’s neck’ it doesn’t come within a country mile of ‘jowly’ – a very impressive neologism (so my admittedly limited vocabulary assures me.)

  2. Mary Mckenzie says:

    I used to get “eyes-get-sore-if exposed-to-chlorine-so-you-swim-with-your-head-partly-out-of-the-water neck”. The term never caught on. I note you are going to Vanuatu soon and will try to ring you before you go. But if we don’t get to speak to you, have a lovely time and we’ll be thinking of you all



  3. Tim – I admit was fairly pleased with the phrase ‘regal, yet jowly.’

    Mum – we are going on Tuesday for 1 week.

    C and H leave for Australia on Monday. They return from Makira tommorow. Sundy or Monday night are the best times to call.

    Love S.

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