Hilary and Nana are here

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to say that Claire and Hilary Kleinig are staying with us. They arrived on Thursday afternoon and we spent the evening opening presents and dealing with hysterically excited children. We left for the Maravghi resort the following morning and spent the weekend there. It was very enjoyable. We saw rays and sharks and turtles and giant fish (rass) while snorkelling on the reefs and drop-offs, and also went on a walk to a village on the other side of the island which was idyllic (although we could have done with out the generic “clouds of mosquitoes in the swampy jungle” landscape theme on the way). You can check photos on the Hils ‘n’ Nana photopage.  I’ll write more about that trip soon.

Anyway Claire has finally managed to get in touch with the school on Makira and so they are assured a friendly welcome when they arrive there tomorrow (for those who do not know, Claire and Hilary and visting a secondary school in order to administrate a trust fund, which grants scholarships for kids to complete their studies). Hopefully I’l be able to post some photos and stories from their Makira trip wihen they return.

We did  lot of shopping and organising yesterday and are considering a trip to the market later on today, but the kids keep hijacking the agenda with games of Ludo and watercolour painting fun. They are having a ball and no-one wants to stop them. All is well,



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