Bitter Lemon isn’t as bitter as it once was

Remember all that fuss everyone made about changing the recipe for COKE? Hard to believe they could have made it sweeter without it becoming a saturated solution, but they did. Such are the wonders of science.

In the meantime, a far more serious change has taken place, quietly and insidiously. Schweppes Bitter Lemon has gotten sweeter, too. I’m sure of it.      

bitter lemon

This stuff used to contort the entire bottom half of my face with every thirst quenching mouthful. It would fairly strip bare the insides of my mouth. But now, a sip of it creates the same sugary coating inside my mouth as I find with other, lesser drinks. Admittedly my memories of the old recipe date from the time when I used to drink it with my mum when I was about nine, but I’m still pretty certain that a change has taken place.  Which is a shame because it was formerly quite the thing on a hot day. But no longer. A better effect is acheived with soda water and lime juice.  

 (Claire and Hilsy arrive on Thursday. I have nothing to say).


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