The Rain in Rain Falls Rainly on the Rain

Yo ‘Sup Dawg,


I’m just writing this because I thought it was about time I added something. I did take some photos of our weekend trip to Betikama but can’t be bothered putting them up right yet so instead I will briefly tell you that I have solved The Mystery of the Weather.

Basically, it cools down when it rains. That means, oddly enough, that the wet season is both the hot season (when it isn’t raining) and the cool season (when it is). So although it gets hotter in Summer, many locals will also tell you that summer is the cool season, because it rains more.

Nominaly this is supposed to be the dry, cool season now, but you wouldn’t know it. We are in the middle of one of several recent spells of uneasonally cool rainy weather (which also means it is muggier when the sun is out). It has poured down for the last two days.  Still, it’s not quite the same as the monsoon we had just before we came over at Easter. That time, it rained about fifteen hours a day for four days. (And this is suppoed to be a rainshadow! So the poor sods in the provinces get it even worse.) No, this time it has just rained fifteen hours a day for two days. A mere shower.  

We went for a drive yesterday and pretended we were back in Scotland (an illusion made easier by the blissful return of our car air conditioner).  The trade winds also picked up months ago so we do get ‘breezes’ now from the sea which keep things bearable.

Cody has gotten his first report card which confirms that he is a lingistically and socially advanced but a bit of a klutz. Some of his sport and motor skills score in the ‘developing’ column (a clear euphemism for ‘bad’) and while his computer use is advanced, he does not appear to know how to turn one on. But nearly everything else is on the high side, so we’re very happy, and I took him for a milkshake to celebrate.  

We had friends round for dinner on the weekend and I have arranged to go kayaking with one of them when we come back from Vanuatu, so I am excited by that prospect.

Louise’s big murder trial is nearly finished. She’s very much Looking forward to a break in a few weeks time.

Not much else to report, but much love to send,



5 thoughts on “The Rain in Rain Falls Rainly on the Rain

  1. Dear little cody – I’m so proud of his first wee report card. He only got two ticks in the “developing” column for his mtor skills, with plenty of ticks in other motor skills “meets expectations” (i.e. is perfectly adequate) column. Adequate with current lack of sporty role models is something I got to be happy with. He blitzed the self identity, pro social behaviour, and smarty pants categories, dear lad. My heart swells…… LMK

  2. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Dear Cody

    We are very proud of you and your good report card. Keep up the good work. We love you and miss you very much. Love to Mum and Dad and Erin. Rowan plays soccer with us inthe kitchen in the mornings – he is not very good – but quite good for a dog

    PS Stephen and Louise: Both Cody’s paternal grandparents are in the “third world”, not to say “banana republic”, class for motor skills. Gran was noted for her ability to fall over at a moment’s notice. So we are proud of the fact that Cody is adequate in many motor skills – and his dancing ability is top class.

    Lots of love

    Mary and John

  3. kirsty says:

    Hello Codes – congratulations on your report card. We think you should also get an outstanding (that means very very very good) for rock-climbing, bush-walking, and massaging.

    Olivia also has somethibng to tell everyone. She took her first proper unassisted steps today. We are very proud.

    Love to everyone

    Kirsty, Olivia and Jules

  4. Yay! Congrats to Olivia and much love as well.
    Most of the local kids Cody’s age (or slightly older) in this here Banana Republic can walk around on their hands and do backflips.
    Motor skills, they got.

  5. claire says:

    Dear Cody (and all the rest of you too)

    Cody, I am pleased that you got a good report card and that you are learning lots at school. I would dearly love to visit you together with Nana and Hils but, unforunately, like you, I too have to go to school.

    It would be good if we could even out the weather a bit with some more warmth and rain for us here. I, modestly, am hoping that Nana will bring back a little bit of warmth from the Solomons along with some happiness from you, Cody and Erin.

    Thanks ever some much for your photography and anthropology , S. You do show some promise in this area which, however, does not yet reach the heights of poetic genius that was displayed in your matchless ode to Brizzy. Keep working at the the theory of Solomonic weather or is it the Solomonic theory of weather. You may be on on the right track as far as I can tell. But then when it comes to weather I must defer to the expert, my older son, the physician.

    I do hope that the trial turns out well for you Lou and that things will ease off a bit after it is finished. People keep asking about what you are doing and tell them to wait until the TV series on your legal feats begins.

    Lots of love

    Dad alias John alias Papa alias the old man who this very day has had his hair cut by his Delilah.

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