June Birthday greetings and other stuff

Here’s wishing an unstoppably sweet birthday upon:




Nana (Barbara)


Anyone I’ve forgotten?

May the Lord make all your plans come off, or give you the wisdom not to make bodgy plans.  

We’re very much looking foward to seeing Claire and Hils in July and having a belated celebration.

At this point I should also mention that we are going to Vanuatu between July 17 and 24 so Louise can laze around in the sun for a while.  That is going to be our Pacifc holiday this year.

We are also going diving all this weeked at Maravagi resort. Louise is getting her open water dive ticket, and I am going on a 5 dive tour, including one with Manta Rays. Happy Birthday to me!

Love S.  


One thought on “June Birthday greetings and other stuff

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    A very Happy Birthday to everyone. Olivia had a happy !st birthday in the park at Wentworth Falls – despite the cold – and, of course, is absolutely wonderful in every way – just like her McKenzie cousins – and her Kleinig cousins also. She is crazy about books. It was cold in Katoomba – like 8 degrees maximum – but not as cold at night as it was here last night when I got home. But it was fun.

    Hope the diving goes well. Love

    Mary and John

    Gran and Grandad

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