New Shipwreck Photos


Remember back to the old shipwreck photograph from February? Well, there’s a new shipwreck just down the shoreline a little way from there now, near our place. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it had been there for many years, judging by the general rusty and delapidated state of it, but in fact this ship was beached about three weeks ago. Lots of the boats that service this island are in this condition. They get washed ashore and the owners just leave them there, much to the chaggrin of the harbour master, who said in a recent interview with the National Express (Tuesday May 22nd): “Old ships that are beyond repair must not be left along that never leave ships abundant and if ships were it is beyond repair then towed them to other places where it would be safe or done something about it…” Huh? (Lots of the local newspaper reporting is like this).

There are apparently two recent wrecks, but I’ve only seen this one, which I believe to be the MV Gracious Bay. Both were owned by the Chinese supermarket company ‘Wings’. The government has no tugboat, so until they borrow a tug or Wings hires one, this is here to stay. There are at least three other ruined boats on the same beach from years gone by (you can see the remains of several in the first photo).
If you go anywhere near the local kids, they come to check you out and if you point a camera at them they love it. This gang, too young to climb up the wreck, followed me round the whole time I was there, giggling at me.


The older kids have taken immediate advantge of the clambering potential of the new shipwreck and have placed a rubber cable round the bow of it so they can scramble up there.


I’m pretty sure if you told these kids that ‘tomboy’ meant a girl that liked active, outdoor play as a much as a boy, they’d say “you mean there’s another kind?”




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