Pseudomonas Strikes Again!

I have an ear infection (right ear, outer) and am returning to Brisbane tommorow for treatment.

I have had the infection for about three weeks now. The worrying part is not the intensity of the infection (I feel fine today) but the fact that it won’t go away completely, despite several types of antibiotics. It is on the retreat at present, but I thought it was beaten before and then it returned, so I am not taking the same chance again. Also, I can’t sleep on my right side, which totally disrupts my rolling cycle at night, so I am getting slowly exhuasted.

Erin is comig with me for lung function tests on her Bronchialitis cough – this is also a minor but nagging condition, basically a response to the environment, that has been much worse than it is now, but won’t quite go away either. 

I suspect I am going to spend much of the next three days sitting in doctors offices going “well, we were really sick last week…and we might be again soon…so can you just pretend we have symptoms now?”

Anyway Louise will continue at work and Cody will stay with Enid, so we can cope, but it is less than ideal. I hope I am not still over there for my birthday (June 1).  I aim to be there for 2 nights only, but it could be longer if Erin needs to see specialists.

You remember Louise’s ear infection was caused by a bug called psuedomonas? It’s the same thing. I have been trying to think of zippy names for future Psuedomonas episodes  – The Young Pseudomonas’ Schooldays, or Psuedomonas Takes a Wife, and so on – and am considering possble newspaper serialisation. How about this for starters…  



One thought on “Pseudomonas Strikes Again!

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    How about Pseudomanas Becomes Head Girl. We were diverted by the videos and didn’t notice these other postings until I looked today . Hope it went OK in Brisbane and that you and Erin are cleared and able to get rid of the bugs. Lovely yo see the photo of Sarah and to know you are having contact with the world outside.


    Mary and John

    We will try to ring for your birythday – hope you will be there.

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