New Video Up – Cody Swims a Lap

Cody’s Myspace site has another video up, of him swimming a lap of the pool and also sending out a slightly desultory greeting at the end. It’s only a short pool but we’re still excited that he’s come so far with his swimming just since we moved over. Erin is there too, paddling away valiantly in an effort to get as much praise as her brother. You can also see my legs at one point towards the end, so get your sunglases ready.

A link to it is up at the video link page.



PS: I just watched it myself and noticed that we al sound like chipmunks. I would like to assure you that our voices are not actually that high. The sound is being raised and compressed in Myspace.   


One thought on “New Video Up – Cody Swims a Lap

  1. claire says:

    Dear Cody, What a great swim that was! Well done. We’ll have to have a swim together when I get there,

    Lots of love Nanna

    Dear Erin, That was fantastic breaststroke!

    Lots of love Nanna

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