Mother’s Day Catch-Up Post

Hi all,  

I think I burned out my blogging battery with all the Easter posts and the thought of putting new things on here hasn’t really appealed lately. This is not to say that nothing has happened – just nothing that is particularly blogworthy, or that I could make into a good story. We’re going through a humdrum patch, generally.  

So I’m posting now to say happy mother’s day to any mother reading this. And I understand congrats are in order for Tim K who has won some award for outstanding acheivement in the field of excellence. Nice one Tim! And happy birthday, by the way.

I hope your weekend was good. Ours was a bit dull, really. Louise worked on her big murder trial for much of it and I entertained the kids as best I could although it wasn’t really me they wanted to see. I think they were quite glad when Monday came. Fortunately, Louise only rarely works over the weekend (twice in six months now).

 We’ve had a few nice weekend day jaunts – one to the Betikama carving market, the other out past Visale again, where we took the kids out in a canoe to see the reefs. I also went diving on another wreck one day. When my mate Jeremy gets the underwater photos to me, you can see me underwater in all my gear but not right now.

Our housegirl Enid has moved in to the downstairs unit. I’m not sure if I ever told you, but our other housegirl, Enny / Annie, went to New Zealand on a student exchange programme so Enid is the replacement. The kids love her. Cody has been going to town with her to do market shopping, and also went to Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath School with her this weekend, but says he didn’t enjoy it because he learned too much. Anyway she’s nice and she’ll be in our lives for a while. I’ll post more about her sometime.

Cody is still at school four days a week and frequently surprises us with all the thing’s he’s learned. He won’t give us a day-to-day account, so we only get to find out what’s going on when things just pop out and it comes to light that he’s been learning songs in Japanese or learning about how to make medicine out of plant bark or something odd like that.  He likes school and is always keen to go but also relishes his ‘days off’. His writing and reading are progressing quite well, and he loves swimming and dancing. We are buying him a cheap keyboard because we can’t see any other way to progress his music talents – there’s no lessons in anything available here.

Erin is at the kindy two or three days a week and still says that her favourite thing is the food, although if pressed she will grudgingly concede that the other kids are nice to her. I have no idea what she is learning. We’ve heard stories about kids in similar situations that become bilingual without their parents realising, because they always speak the home language at home, so it never beomes apparent they are speaking another language outside of home. But somehow I don’t think so with Erin. She’s just going to eat her biscuits, play with blocks and giggle when the girls push her on the swing. She is getting larger by the day. She is also making good progress with toilet training, and is nearly at the stage we can leave her in undies and it will be OK.  She also loves the swimming.

I posted about Louise recently so there’s little to update there. She’s getting busy and her first big murder trail starts today. She is well, although she misses having a strong relationship with her local Church. The amazing singing is all very well and good, but we can’t follow the liturgy and the kids are badly out of practice so I have to take them outside and play otherwise they get too disruptive. Anyway she’s tutoring this evening and will be flat out all week, but we are having a break on the weekend and going to the beach with the family of one of our guards.   

As for me, I am OK – both my book contracts from Uni have come through so my CV will take a big leap forward. I have lined up some hourly paid work on one of projects at UniSA too, which is nice. Days are spent playing with the kids, ferrying them hither and thither, swimming with them, drinking coffee, paying bills, trying to figure out how to buy keyboards and kayaks and other non-essential things, and reading and writing when I get the chance. Evenings are spent watching DVDs and chatting with Lou. I don’t mind that part at all.

My main propblem comes when I compare our life with the experiences of others here – always a slippery slope. We keep running into folks – with kids, mind you –  who have frequent trips to resorts, epic fishing jaunts, weekends in Vanuatau and the like. That hasn’t been our experience of it over here – mainly because of the way we’ve decided to use our money and Louise’s leave time, but still, it is hard not to get jealous sometimes. Would you rather spend your cash on a fishing trip for Blue Trevally, or on fixing your car air conditioner? Yeah that’s right, it blew up a week ago and we are without it for the time being until they can import a part from Taiwan or Mars or wherever it’s from. The car is HELL without it.  

So anyway we’ve just hit the six month mark and are feeling a bit flat. But June and July look better. We’ve got a lot to look forward to  – various resort trips (3) have now been lined up, including one where Louise is going to learn to scuba dive, so that will break up the ‘Honiara Blues’ pretty nicely. You need to get out of here every so often, otherwise you go a bit crazy…..

Pics of Enid and the kids, and me going scuba diving, to follow.

Happy M’s day again, and lots of love to all,



One thought on “Mother’s Day Catch-Up Post

  1. claire says:

    It was good to speak to you on mothers’ day. We (Hils and I) had a good time with Tim, Pakan and the children. Some photos may find their way to you if my computor can manage it, as I am having them put on CD.
    Love from Claire

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