Adelaide in April

Adelaide in April can’t be beat, weatherwise. The sun was steady and gentle every day, the nights were crisp and clear and there were ‘breezes’, a very specific word meaning “light, cool drafts of air”. I suppose it is rather like the Innuit having all those words for different types of snow, etc. Myself and Louise were quite enamoured of these ‘breezes’ and wandered about in them often, lifting up our arms and saying ‘ah’, after which we would turn and explain in rapturous terms how wonderful it all was to be back in human-friendly weather again, at which our various hosts would nod and smile politely as though it were the first time we had mentioned this, and not the fourth.

We arrived later than expected after Our Airlines had left us stranded in Brisbane overnight. As the crisis evolved, they assured us that they would do ‘everything they could’ to fix the situation, which was, in effect, nothing, so we spent the night in the Ascot Airport Motel and had dinner at the nearby bowls club. I have quite a collection of ‘hotel room view’ photographs and this is the latest. I’m afraid I took no photo of the Ascot Bowls Club but I still have my membership card if anyone is interested.    


For the first few days the culture shock was mild but real. The most distinct sense was of how incredibly nice Adelaide is. We probably would have had the same sense of Katoomba but it had worn off by then. It came to a head on Good Friday as we were walking along Glenelg foreshore looking at the white sand beach, rows of pines, perfect lawns and well maintained houses. It all looked like it had been made out of CGI, for a parody of a perfect town in the next Shrek movie. But as I said, it wore off quickly enough. Indeed, the lack of adequte water pressure at the rental flat made us feel almost as though we had never left Honiara.

We spent an identical amount of time with each family member, while also managing to fix the computer, visit the doctor and dentist and do a spot of shopping. (Louise’s haircut counts as a family member for the purposes of this analysis). And it was splendid to see everyone, and force down the little bowls of boiled reef fish and mashed banana that you had all so dutifuly prepared. Tremendous.  

Seriously, the food was lovely. We had Weberred lamb ‘n’ rosemary with H and G, French lamb with my parents and then Persian lamb as well as more Aussie lamb from Claire on Easter Sunday. They say you are what you eat and we were gamboling about in the fields by Easter Monday, which must have been quite alarming for the other people at the airport.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone and thanks again for having us at your various places,


Steve and Family.


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