We’re more back than ever before

We arrived in Honiara early this morning and all went to sleep. The trip was uneventful, which is to say, there was a long period of time during which nothing nice or interesting happened.  But nor were there any holdups.

Thanks to everyone with whom we saw and stayed for having us and for helping us to have such a lovely holiday.  We’ll miss you till next time.

I have lot of top quality photposts to make in the next few days so drop back in soon. In the meantime, if anyone (esp Claire, Tim and Pakan)  have great photos of yourselves and us from the visit, send them my way via e-mail and I’ll put them up. 

You’ll notice my rather terse, muscular paragraph stucture in this post. I’m taking advantage of a new feature of this blog: the ENTER key! I just hit this little button and a break appears.

Like this.


Everyone should have one.   

A final observtion: were I from either Nauru or the Solomon Islands (the two countries involved in the company ‘Our Airline’) I would object to the use of the name ‘Our Airline’ for that company. I would rather that it were instead called ‘Someone Else’s Airline’, as I would not wish to be associated with it in any way.

 Til tommorow,



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