Earthquake Tsunami et al

!!! Reports of our death greatly exaggerated etc. There was a 8.0 earthquke this morning at about 7.30, under the ocean, but it was out near Gizo in the west, nowhere near Honiara, and on the outside of the chain (we’re on the inside) anyway, so we were never in danger. We didn’t even feel anything. In any case we are all at home now – Louise has come home from work, Cody from school, and we are up on West Kola ridge drinking smoothies and scanning the ocean with morbid fascination but at the same time not really expecting to see anything. A small wave may have come ashore some time mid-morning and passed without notice. Reports we hear from BBC World News that beaches are being closes in SYDNEY seem utterly laughable. If you want to worry, worry for the poor people missing in Gizo. We’re fine. We’ll keep you posted as to the possibility that our flights out to Brisbane tommorow may be cancelled or rescheduled, but it seems very unlikley. Bye Love S. PS Happy Easter! 


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