Paul’s Birthday

Claire wrote an e-mail earlier in the year in which she added, as a last minute aside, “it’s good news about Paul!”. Not being aware at that stage of Paul’s exams results, I thought for a dazed moment she may be referring to the supposed discovery of the tomb of St Paul in the Vatican.  You can read about that here:  But fancy the coincidence of Paul having a birthday in the same year as the supposed discovery of the tomb of his namesake! And also getting good exam results. It’s been a very Pauly year. Happy birthday dude. We will bring you a carving of a tropical animal of some sort as a present but you know it’s our thoughts and well-wishes that really count isn’t it? Louise will ring you soon to chat unless you are out partying or something. Have a geat birthday and best wishes for the year, love from Steve, Louise, Cody and Erin.     PS – we are even going to visit the farm / garden of the auntie of one of our guards tomorow and HE is called Paul. Now that’s just freakish. Anyway,  <3<3<3<3xoxoxoxox from all of us.


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