I sure could eat me some…

Mushrooms: You can get Asian mushrooms here but European field mushrooms do not seem to be part of the local diet at all, even though they do grow over here in the wet. Consequently they are not on sale anywhere, except for tiny plastic-wrapped bunches of stuff air freighted from Australia that cost a million dollars each and are horribly shrivelled. I only used to eat field mushrooms about once a week but it must have been an important part of my diet – for the iron, maybe – because I have been craving them. I cannot think of anything I’d rather eat right now than fresh field mushrooms cooked in butter, served on toasted wholemeal bread. Speaking of which…

Wholemeal Bread: The local way of making bread tastier is to add more sugar. Some of the white bread is so sweet it practically bats its eyelids at you. Brown bread exists, but nothing along the lines of, say, Burgen Soy and Linseed. Give me a loaf of that, some fresh large tomatoes and some fresh black pepper and I will be a happy guy.

Large Tomatoes: You can grow them here but they don’t get much beyond the size of cherries. Enough said.

Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower: Basically you have two options here for the large-flowering brassicas. The first is to pay ten to fifteen Australian dollars for a single large flower of air-freighted Broccoli. Whoever in Honiara is actually paying this – someone must be – needs to be taken aside for a quiet word. The second option is to buy some of the cauliflower at the local Chinese supermarket which looks as though it could reach out and grab you as you walked along the aisle, infecting you with its hideous flesh-eating spores, thereby hastening the Final Conquest of Earth.®

Celery, Witlof, Endive: Obviously that kind of thing does not grow well here and while you can get air freighted celery, the same price restrictions apply. I got a hankering for those fresh crunchy salads with celery heart, witlof, rocket, baby spinach, that kind of thing, in vinegar and herb dressing, and wholemeal bread to mop it up. 

Yoghurt: This is Louise’s addition. She misses it, apparently. Her and the kids make this fairly dribbly-looking yoghurt out of powder from paper sachets mixed with water and left in a sealed container in a warm place, i.e.: anywhere.

The other side of the coin is that there are some foods we’ve been eating a bit too much. The main one for me is fish. I had a few slightly icky experiences with fish and now can’t come at it. I think my taste for it will come back in a few months.  

Cheers, love Steve.

Disclaimer: All foods mentioned are purely hypothetical. Any resemblance to foods provided by family members for our consumption while we are in Adelaide or Katoomba over Easter is purely coincidental.®



One thought on “I sure could eat me some…

  1. Mary McKenzie says:

    I had been planning to ask you whether there was anything you craved for Easter food. A nice mushroom and yoghurt stew sounds just the thing



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