Ruins of China Town

This is a sequential look at the walk through the main road of China Town, past the ruins and over the bridge into town. Obviously it’s not all ruined; only about one quarter of it…I have just taken more photos of the ruins than of the rest.












3 thoughts on “Ruins of China Town

  1. Mary McKenzie says:

    I love the various combinations of OUT and arrows in these photos. Some of them look a bit like what we se from the train on the way into town. I was thinking of what you said about nobody wanting to live in Honiara even though that is where most official type activities take place. In an earlier post you commented that this wa a bit like canberra. but many Canberra people liked living there – even if they don’t stay there. Whereas you suggest that nobody likes being in Honiara



  2. It is like Canberra in the sense that there is no sense of permanency about living here and many people are just passing through or have an extended family based elsewhere to which they eventully hope to return. And in the sense that it is the centre but unlike the rest of the country. Physically it is totally unlike Canberra. Canberra is nice. I have been thinking about finding excuses to go there again sometime.

  3. kirsty says:


    your photos remind me of some similar ones i took in kathmandu that for some reason didn’t come out properly when i got them processed. they were all of crumbling buildings covered with grafitti with overgown weedy bits of land strewn with rubbish between them. i was really disappointed that the photos didn’t come out.


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