We gots the broadbandz! But no malaria.

After much kerfuffe and some waiting for our wireless adapter to arrive (thanks Claire) we now have the internetz at home! That is sweet, like honey. The ‘Enter’ key on the laptop computer is completely broken so I am afraid it is a paragraph-free zone here for a while. Anyway I wanted to let you know about my trip to the doctor yesterday to diagnose my flu-like symptoms: perfectly ordinary aches and sniffles, but a bit scarier in an environment in which any such condition must be treated as a possible case of malaria; even despite all the the prophylaxis, they try to exclude it before doing anything else. The text is a simple jab in the finger, a few drops of blood on a slide and then a quick swizz under the microscope. “No, you don’t have malaria, honkey. Bye. See you next time you get the flu.” I have the flu, like I thought. The clinics are always full of people having this test done. I have seen several people being given the news that they or their children were positive. Their reaction looked more as though someone has told them that their car’s transmission is faulty, rather than that they have a potentlly fatal illness. Louise says when people at her work have been disgnosed with malaria, the doctor writes them a three-day medical certificate, they dose up on anti-malarial meds and spend a few days shivering and aching, and then its back to work. People still die though, if they are out in the provinces and don’t get diagnosed in time, or can’t get medication. Anyway I expect we’ll be making a few more trips to the clinic over the next nine months, just to put our minds at ease. Cheerio.


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