Psuedomonas Earinfectius Veryyuckius

As y’all may have heard, Louise had to make a brief return trip to Australialast week to get treated for an ear infection. Lab results are now back and it turns out she has a rather rare kind of infection called Psuedomonas and has been on the wrong antibiotics for about a week and a half. Hopefully the right ones will now fix the problem.

I have now contracted an ear infection as well. It is not an abcess, and probably not Psuedomonas, but I am going to the doctor in about fifteen minutes to make sure. If it is, we will both be making a trip to Brisbane next week. Louise will probably have to go back again in any case.

So it is all very awkward and shouty at our place at the moment. Neither of us can hear properly. Nonetheless we are in quite good spirits. I learned Scuba diving this week (before the infection came) and descended to twenty meters exploring a ruined Japanese battleship. Very amazing. I sit my diving theory exam on Sunday provided I am well enough. Then I will be a liscenced PADI open water diver. Louise will learn too as soon as the docs say it is OK.  

The weather is very dry for the wet season and it wil be blissful when it rains, which it has ben threatening to do for some days now. It just thundered a minute ago. I am in a cafe near the doctor’s surgery and had better get to my appointment now.

 Bye all.  


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