Image Question

I checked out  the site on a machine in an internet cafe the other day and found that the images in many posts were huge! This is not what I see when I login on a laptop.

 I’m not sure what is causing this but the images should be about postcard size on screen, so if you are not seeing this, please let me know and I will resize them, rather than having you wait for minutes while the huge images slowly download inch by inch.



3 thoughts on “Image Question

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    They are vast. In fact, it was beyond the capacity of my computer to download all the pictures in Kids Posts 4 and 5 – that is, some of the pictures would download properly but the rest would stall halfway through. I has to click on one when they started downloading and force it to concentrate on that one – by right clicking on Show Picture and then saving the picture to My Pictures – and then doing the same for the others. They eventually all came through – and they were worth it – they are all over the fridge. But postcard size would be better. Love to all


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