This is the first photo I took over here, of our current view across Iron Bottom Sound. A lot of the time, we can’t see this place, if the rain is falling, or of it disappears in a misty cloud. Then the weather clears and it looms up out of the water again, like so:

View of Savo Island from Guadalcanal

By the way: From now on, I have decided not to link the small pictures to a larger file but simply to put a decent-sized picture in the blog window. Rightclick on the images to save them if you want to.

The island in the distance is called Savo. It was inhabited until about 1850 when an eruption killed everyone living there. Aparrently there are still small earth tremors here in Guadalcanal every few months related to the fault zone on which this volcano sits, but we have yet to hear or feel anything.

We rather foolishly mentioned to Cody that this island was a volcano, after which we had to spend considerable time persauding him that all volcanos on earth are either dormant or extinct and that the TV footage of them he has seen was from a very long time ago. Shameless.

RAMSI rate the place as a minor security threat. I’m not sure what their planned response would be. Perhaps Alexander Downer will be sent over to give it one of his famous ‘stern’ looks, and it will be forced to learn its place.


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