Our Situation

We moved out of our hotel after three days and shacked up with some people that Louise met during her briefing in Brisbane: Anna and Roland. They are a couple, and are only using one of the three bedrooms in their house so they offered to let us have the other two until we move to our place on Dec 15.

This act certainly rates as one of the greatest acts of generosity I have ever known, especially from two people we had only known for three days when they first made the offer. Apparently this kind of thing is not uncommon over here among the expats; there is a strong sense of community support in RAMSI. Hopefully we get a chance to extend some generosity to some newbies in the months to come.

So, myself and Roland do the cooking and shopping and run errands and look after the kids while Louise and Anna go to work. So far I have tootled along the main road west of Honiara at about 20-30k quite a few times, and also zoomed around a series of rally tracks on an abandoned lot out on the way to the airport on the east side. I’m learning in a four wheel drive diesel device called a MU (Mysterious Utility). It’s nifty. Cody reinforces Roland’s lessons (“look up ahead, not at the ground in front of you, Dad”) and Erin began to do this during the last lesson also.

Anyway the house we are moving into is a 3 bedroom place over the east side above Chinatown. I’ll post pictures soon – it’s pretty nice. There is a pool and a completely netted balcony. We’ll have a Malaitan house girl called Annie, and round the clock security which Louise gets for free (as a prosecutor). We are very much looking forward to moving in here as I’m sure you can imagine.



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