December the 6th

Dear Grandad,
For December the 6th

It’s nearly your birthday, lots of love and kisses from our dogs: Disco, Spike, James Brown and Dingo.

Lots of slime and gooey slime from the dogs eating peanuts which they might not even like.

Is Gran at the gym or not?

That’s it.

Love Cody.

Dear Dad,

I hope your birthday is fun, and not too hot. We’ll send you something in the mail at some point, possibly we’ll double up with a Xmas post.

Best wishes,

Steve and family.

Dear Nana,

What are you doing? I want to know what you are doing.

I like Sesame Street on records and I like the record player.

Steaming air is coming out of the computer.

Hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmm hmm hmmmmm.

Love Cody.


One thought on “December the 6th

  1. nanna says:

    Dear Cody, Thanks for your letter. We are listening to some Christmas music at the moment. It has lots of trupets. On thursday we go to Lord Howe Island which was formed by a volcano a long time ago. The volcano is now dead but the island is beautiful and there are lots of fish in the seas around it. Some come and swim in between your legs. That should be fun.Hope youare all well. Lots of love from nanna

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