The Mystery of the Weather

Since we arrived here, it feels like it has been about 30 degrees every day, muggy, hot in the sun but bearable in the shade, with breezes and frequent rainstorms to clear the air. If this is as bad as it gets, we’ll have no real problems. If it gets worse, Jan and Feb could be pretty hard work.

I have asked a lot of people about this, local and expat, and really can’t get a clear answer. Is this hot weather, or not?

Some folks tell me that it has been unseasonably hot, and that the rains in Jan and Feb will in fact cool things down, leading into even milder weather from around March onwards. If this is true, the current season (buildup) is the hottest, and we are coping with it well. I’m hoping this is true.

Other folks, however, say that Jan and Feb are truly dreadful and that in terms of weather, we have had a very soft landing indeed. They say that the hot stuff is only just beginning. It’s a bit mysterious.

The locals seem to view the whole thing differently. “Is this hot?”, I ask. The answer is something like “same same”, meaning “it’s just like this” or alternately, “hem alright” a ubiquitous Pidgin expression basically meaning “just don’t think about it, mate.”

I am arriving at the conclusion that it is always about the same. If you think it’s hot, it’s hot, and there are certainly plenty of opportunities to broil yourself if that’s what you want. But if you want to stay cool, you can find a way.


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